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Fed up with doctors just prescribing another round of antibiotics to your young child? Can’t stand your child’s temper tantrums? Does your child’s diet mainly consist of bread, pasta, diary & processed meats, with little fruits and vegetables? Do you have a picky eater? Do you know most illness, allergies and behavior are all linked to food? Does your instinct tell you otherwise what the doctors say??

Your child might be depleted from vital minerals and vitamins that is needed for proper growth and development.

Since the diagnosis of my son I have done multiple research and studies to use a natural functional approach with him. My passion is to help kids just like him that struggles daily with health issues like ADHD, Asthma, Anxiety, Obesity, and many more. Together with the child’s family I help guide and educate parents to get their child back on track by means of diet, supplement & lifestyle changes.  Changing the child’s diet one-step at a time and relieve what is bothering. Reconnecting the family to healing foods and a healing environment to restore him to good health. As I know that that most of today’s health struggles are brought on by the modern diet, environmental factors and toxins.

Just want your family to eat a better wholesome diet, but don’t know what & how to do it?? Most families are so busy and don’t know how to do it? Let me show you how easy it can be to design healthy meals for your family.


I currently do trainings only on request: “In today’s busy lives and technology a lot of children (and adults) don’t get the much needed exercise. I train children in their home environment, where they feel safe and confident. To get the best muscle tone and balance, core stability and fitness according to their age and goal.”

What my clients say:

I’ve known Ilse since 2015 and she has helped me with my son’s allergy and eczema tremendously ever since. We have tried everything conventional since he was a newborn - from antihistamine, steroidal creams, endless dermatologist visits, moisturisers - all to no avail and were at our wits end with my son’s constant suffering (skin itching, bleeding, pus and discolouration) which disrupted both his physical and emotional well-being greatly.
Ilse opened my eyes on ways to strengthen immune system and guided me on how to heal his gut from inside out, through diet elimination and nutrition. She has shared so many practical tips and recipes, and is always so generous with her knowledge. We are indeed what we eat. Through dietary changes, I’m pleased to share that my son is 100% better, and the entire family now makes better food choices too - all thanks to Ilse.
— Megan
As a family we needed some advice on the correct supplements to use daily.  My husband has a thyroid problem and my daughter has allergies and is following a dairy free diet.  We needed some advice on specific supplements to use and also some specific dietary recommendations.
There has been great improvement in our health in general and knowing that we following the correct guidelines as suggested by Ilse. It has made a positive impact on our health and lives.  Ilse has also helped me to find good healthy food substitutes to help me when cooking and preparing meals for my family. Ilse helped us to find a good balance between following a healthy diet and how to supplement our short comings in our diet to give us the correct balance for following a healthy lifestyle. 
I highly recommend Ilse, as she has very good knowledge about allergies and other specific illnesses.  Ilse can give you the correct guidelines to follow a healthy lifestyle.  A good balance between good food, the correct supplements and exercise.Her knowledge comes from hard work, dedication, personal experience and passion.
— Melony

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