Never a good time. Stop the excuses

Our health doesn’t wait for tomorrow, it doesn’t wait for you to be ready. Health is always ready. Our health should be the single most important thing in our lives. Not our work, or other excuses. Stop making excuses. Why do you push your health down the list of priorities? We have only 1 body to live in, live it well. Respect your body, your health and make it a priority

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Here I go again

Staring at this blank page. Trying to capture my feelings on paper. But every time I try to connect my heart with my head the tears start running. Its never easy, and to be dead honest (do you get something like it), I didn’t expect it to happen again. It feels just like yesterday when Marcus was diagnosed with Vitiligo, and here I am again. I feel totally lost, but I also feel totally powerful. Powered with knowledge of what to do, what to try, what tests to ask for etc. Im ready to turn myself yet again in this major health detective, but just for now I want to be a mom. A mom crawling up in a small bundle and let the tears run down. I want the tears to flow, till there is no more left. 

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What's the deal with Vitamin D?

Every health fanatic is talking about Vitamin D, magazines all have an article on it. But what's the big deal?

If you asked someone about Vitamin D, most will know it comes from the sun and its important to prevent rickets in kids. But did you know there is so much more Vitamin D is doing for us?Yet most people are deficient in Vitamin D and don't know it. Even in sunny South Africa and the middle East (where I live) where the sun is shining most days, people are deficient in Vitamin D. How?

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Malnourished in an overeating world

Im walking the corridors of my boys school and see everywhere kids with signs and symptoms of having nutrient deficiencies.

For me its easy to spot, as I know the signs and symptoms. How does it happen when we live in a world with so much food around us, and yet our own and our kids bodies are malnourished??

The signs and symptoms our bodies show, is not a cry for more food (more calories), but rather a cry for better high nutrient dense food. Food that will serve our bodies our daily need for vital vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are vital for optimal health, for growing and development but also to fight off disease. 

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Glorious greens for kids

Every new mom is vowing that her child will eat plenty of glorious green vegetables. Soon enough toddler phase arrives and the first thing to go is green veggies. How is it that most kids dislike green veggies? As if they were born with an instinct to dislike it. But why do we have to try harder to get them to have green vegetables?

The health benefits of a variety of green vegetables are endless, here are just a few reasons why I include green veggies daily into our diet:

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Our source of life - WATER

Water is life, without water we can’t live. Research has shown that we can go without food for days, but without water we will not survive for long.

How important is clean water for us?

Water makes up 70% of our body. Water is everywhere. For our body systems to function optimally it needs enough water. Even a 2% drop in water levels indicates your body is in dehydration mode, causing body systems to slow down.

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Constipation in kids

Are you unhappy with your child's poop? Do they abstain for a few days and then grunt and sweat when in the toilet? This is a sensitive subject for many and mostly being push under the carpet. But lets get that bowel works out in the open today.

Constipation can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that can last throughout the whole day — including bloating, gas, low back pain, and even anxiety or fatigue.

We see it all to often, most kids eating a white diet. A diet filled with white pasta, white rice, sugar, chicken nuggets, shop juices and little to no vegetables and fiber. Your child is most probably low in fiber. Fiber is needed to help smooth bowl movements, to remove the unwanted stuff out of the body.Vegetables and fruits are loaded with fiber. We need fiber with plenty of water to keep our bowls moving and to remove waste and toxins out of our bodies. For good health our bowls need to work 1-2 times per day.

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Flu season is around the corner

Waking up with a scratch in your throat. Halve an hour later you feel body aches starts and you just know the rest of the day wont go well.

A cold or flu starts suddenly, or that is how it feels to us. But actually its a weaken immune system at the time. It could be from little sleep, bad eating, and stress causing it.

Change of season (and temperatures) also tend to wake up flu and cold bugs.

Most of us don't have time to lay in bed for a few days, although the idea sounds promising. But rather look at ways to reduce the time of being sick and getting ourselves (and our immune system) back in 100% function mode.

Strengthen your immune system by means of healthy eating, supplementation, enough sleep, relaxation will go along way to fight of a cold or flu.

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The perfect diet

Last week I was sitting in the school cafeteria with other moms, waiting for our kids to come out. The discussion around the table was about food, and in particularly different diets. The one mom was telling how a vegan diet has helped her son over come many allergies. She had a very strong stand for Veganism and told everyone off who is still eating animal products. Another mom felt strong that grains are the culprits and that her family is avoiding it

As I was sitting there I was all to eager to jump in and give my opinion on all these diets. Thinking that I have all the knowledge being a nutritionist and I know best. I didn’t say a word, instead I just  listened and observed. I don’t think most of the moms even know I am a nutritionist.

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Staying young well into your 40s

Most moms I know (including me) are getting closer or are just over 40. Although we know age is just a number, and its about how you feel we all still have it in our heads that its a big thing. Most of us still feel 21, but happy not to be 21 anymore.

We cant help but wonder what happens to our bodies after we hit 40. I can truly say that I have friends in their 40s (and 50s) that are looking great, full of life and energy.

So how do they do it? Maybe botox is an option for you, but for me not so much. I cant help but wonder what these chemicals are what women inject into their faces, butts and you name where else. And what the effect of long term botox will be, so I prefer to opt for the healthier (longer way) way of doing things.

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Skin condition. Why does it happen and how to deal with it naturally

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, so called chicken skin, its all different skin conditions. However, the cause of most of these are all similar.

We all feel very self conscious when we see acne arise on our skin or some eczema on our child’s elbow. But why does it happen? We can blame our diet and lifestyle habits for skin problems. Normally a skin problem is the body’s way of telling something is not right inside our body.

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Autoimmnune Disease - You are not alone

In the past few weeks many tears have rolled down our cheeks. Still if I think about it all and our road ahead I get tears in my eyes. Doubt and questions fill my head. How was it possible that for a second time in 2 short years my eldest son was diagnosed again with an autoimmune disease. With a background in health and nutrition you might think we have been eating and living healthy. But what is healthy eating and living! And why hasn't it been enough for his small body to fight off disease.

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Supplements - Why we need them

If you speak to doctors, most will say that if you eat a healthy balanced diet you will get all the nutrients you need from food; and supplements are of no use. Or they might say using supplements just creates expensive pee. Its true that you cant supplement a bad diet. A good diet can become exceptionally well with added supplements.  Don’t think just because you taking supplements you can have a bad diet. Please don’t.

“Illness occur due to a mega deficiency of nutrients in our bodies.” - Andrew W. Saul

So why do I believe everyone (healthy or diseased, adult and child) can benefit from supplements?

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The truth about milk and why it is bad for your health!

We don't consume diary and neither should you. In this article I will help you understand the negative affect that dairy has on our bodies and minds.

Dr. Mark Hyman, founder and medical director of the UltraWellness Center says:

“Milk is the most nutritious food....if you are a calf.”

Last time I checked, none of my family members were calves. So why don't we drink milk or consume large amounts of diary? Strange as it may seem, we have a house on a cow farm. We enjoy watching how the cows roam freely and that is how far our love for diary goes.

It wasn’t always the case. Although I never gave my kids much cows milk to drink, they still had yogurt and butter on occasion. They have never been cheese lovers so that wasn't a problem for us.

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