Never a good time. Stop the excuses

How often have you said: “I will start my detox next week, or I will start to diet on Monday or after the holidays.” Perhaps you said; “tomorrow I will eat better, or tomorrow I will start taking care of my health”.

Many people say they are too busy to eat healthy, or to prepare meals. How did it happened that our lives have become so busy that we don’t have time for our health? Guess what?

Our health doesn’t wait for tomorrow, it doesn’t wait for you to be ready. Health is always ready. Our health should be the single most important thing in our lives. Not our work, or other excuses. Stop making excuses. Why do you push your health down the list of priorities? We have only 1 body to live in, live it well. Respect your body, your health and make it a priority.


Disease creeps in when we don’t have time for health. Many health issues or diseases can be prevented by making basic lifestyle changes. But I have seen too many people not willing to work on their health but rather take the easy root to take a pharmaceutical. But this is only a band-aid on the problem and a temporary solution. It suppresses your symptoms & will lead to more health problems later down the line.

We need to learn to go back to basics when it comes to our health. Firstly, you have to make your health a daily priority. Stop making excuses, and yes its not easy! It takes work every single day. It takes planning, patience & perseverance.  


So where do you start?

·         Appoint a Nutritionist or Health Coach that specializes in your health issue, for help, support, guidance and health education.

·         Get some basic tests done. The Nutritionist or Health Coach can guide you on which ones are best.

·         De-clutter your life, your home and even your relationships.

·         Drink more water. Not tap or bottled water but filtered water.

·         Get enough sleep, but do make sure its good quality sleep. Otherwise address the issues with your support team.

·         Get moving. Try to exercise every day for 30 minutes, even a brisk walk is good. Join an exercise group for the accountability.

·         Remove all sugar & processed foods from your diet.

·         Plan your meals. Cook at home, from scratch.

·         Eat real whole some foods, made with basic ingredients.

·         Make time to sit down and eat. Chew your food well.

·         Stop drinking caffeine & alcoholic drinks. Include herbal teas.

·         Make time to laugh.  Treasure meaningful relationships.


Stop making excuses for not taking care of your health. Making time for your health is the first step you have to take in creating better a better body & life.